Qatar sanctions

67% Muslim (majority sunni). This small country located on a peninsula in the Persia gulf is rapidly developing. This country has a high expat population.
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Qatar sanctions

Postby nlinley » Jul 09, 2017

I wanted to open up a discussion topic regarding the boycott in Qatar. This is not meant to be a political or legal discussion, it is just here to highlight the situation as it affects the average person on the grounds. So if you have any details on impacts, feel free to share. Given that the boycott that was imposed seemed quite broad in scope, I was concerned about the possible impacts. In the news, we hear about the effects of immigration caused on mixed nationality families. As far as the economic boycott is concerned, it looks like Qatar is finding alternate suppliers pretty well. I asked an expat friend of mine, who is working there, what the situation was like. He said everything is pretty much business as usual there and it didn't seem to be causing any shortages or significant problems to anyone. Hopefully it won't cause any serious problems, and the situation gets resolved quickly.

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