hijrah to morocco

99.9% Muslim (mostly Sunni). Located in the north eastern corner of Africa, this country has a rich culture and history.
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hijrah to morocco

Postby abdulKarim » Jul 07, 2017

assalam u alaikum dear brothers.
i have migrated from the uk to morocco and would like to help and
assist and advice those brothers who are on the path of the salaf and not extreme and
not involved in politics to come and live in morocco insha Allah.

my email address is: hadji808@gmail.com
and my whatsapp is: 00212611044678.

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Re: hijrah to morocco

Postby nlinley » Jul 07, 2017

wa alaikum as salaam,

Welcome to the site and thanks for your offer of assistance. Could you provide some details on the country, cost of living, immigration, etc in forums?

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Re: hijrah to morocco

Postby Lefse » Sep 28, 2017

As Salaam aleykum,

Could you maybe comment on how your experience has been so far; and maybe why you chose Morocco?

I'm interested to make hijrah to Morocco for practical reasons mainly, but my experience with the country is that it sadly is very westernized in many bad aspects and the locals mentality is not as centered on the sunnah.

Source: I'm half Moroccan but haven't visited the country in over 15 years.


Wa salaam

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Re: hijrah to morocco

Postby A12345 » Oct 12, 2017

Asalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu
Can I please ask if anyone knows of any markazs for learning Arabic in morocco?

Jazakum Allah khair

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